what companies does black and decker own

What Companies Does Black And Decker Own?

Black and Decker is a well-known brand in the power tool industry. But did you know that they own several other companies?

Black and Decker currently owns Dewalt, Craftsman, Irwin Tools, and Porter-Cable, and several other companies.

These companies specialize in different types of tools and equipment allowing Black and Decker to offer a wide range of products to consumers.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, chances are you’ve used a tool made by one of Black and Decker’s many subsidiaries.

Who Owns Black and Decker?

Black & Decker is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, one of the world’s largest tool manufacturers.

The history of Black & Decker dates back to 1910 when founders Alonzo G. Decker and Duncan Black established their small manufacturing plant in Baltimore.

By 1916, the company had started producing its first power tools—a revolutionary invention for its time.

Over the next century, Black & Decker went on to become a leading manufacturer of industrial products such as drills, saws, sanders, grinders, and more.

The Connecticut-based company was formed in 2010 after Stanley Works acquired The Black & Decker Corporation for more than $4 billion.

With this merger came many changes—including a new name (Stanley Black & Decker) and an expanded portfolio of top-quality products.

From the classic Craftsman tools to DeWalt power tools, Stanley Black & Decker offers a wide range of quality products that will stand up to whatever job you need them for.

What Companies Does Black and Decker Own?

Here is the list of companies and brands owned by Black and Decker:


Since its inception in 1922, DEWALT has been a trusted brand in the power tools and accessories industry.

It was acquired by Black and Decker Corporation back in 1960, and today it remains one of the most popular products belonging to the company.

DEWALT is renowned for producing top-notch tools that are highly durable and user-friendly, a testament to their commitment to quality.

From circular saws to hammer drills, DEWALT offers an array of products that are designed to tackle any job no matter how large or small.

2. Craftsman

Craftsman has been around since 1927, making it one of Black & Decker’s oldest subsidiaries.

Over the years, the company has seen many changes in ownership, but it was only after it was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2017 that Craftsman truly reached new heights.

Today, Craftsman continues to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial and home improvement projects—including lawnmowers, trimmers, saws, and more.

3. Irwin Tools

Founded back in 1885 by entrepreneurs William Duncan Irwin and Charles Bronson Irwin, Irwin Tools is another long-time subsidiary of Black & Decker.

The company specializes in producing quality tools designed specifically for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

From screwdrivers to fasteners, Irwin products are known for their precision engineering and superior durability—making them a great choice no matter what job you’re taking on.

4. Porter-Cable

Porter-Cable is another brand owned by Black & Decker since 2005.

Specializing in power tools, the company has been producing top-of-the-line products for over a century—including drills, saws, routers, and more.

With its reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-performance equipment, Porter-Cable is an ideal choice for any job requiring precision and power.

When Was Black and Decker Founded?

Black and Decker started in 1910 when Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker teamed up to revolutionize the tool industry.

From humble beginnings in a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland, they created a company that would go on to transform the way we work and build today.

Over the past century, Black and Decker has continued to innovate with new technologies and designs, cementing their place as a leader in the industry.

Who is the CEO of Black and Decker?

The current CEO of Black and Decker is James M. Loree.

He has been at the helm of this renowned company since 2017, and under his leadership, the company has continued to thrive and expand its reach worldwide.

Loree is a seasoned professional with vast experience in the consumer goods industry, having worked previously with other reputable companies.

He is known for his innovative ideas and his commitment to driving growth through customer-centric strategies. It’s no wonder that Black and Decker is doing so well under his leadership.

What is the Net Worth of Black and Decker?

As of July 19, 2023, the company is worth an estimated $15.17 billion.

That’s quite an impressive number, and it’s a testament to the company’s enduring success in the marketplace.

With their solid financial standing and commitment to innovation, it’s safe to say that Black and Decker is a brand that’s here to stay.

Where is the Headquarters of Black and Decker?

The headquarters of Black and Decker can be found in Towson, Maryland.

This bustling suburban community just outside of Baltimore has been the home of the company since 1910, when the two founders, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, established their partnership there.

Today, the headquarters boasts over 1 million square feet of office, manufacturing space. and serves as the hub of the company’s global operations.

From the latest power drills to cutting-edge lawn care equipment, Black and Decker continues to innovate and inspire DIY enthusiasts everywhere from their headquarters in Towson.

What is the Annual Revenue of Black and Decker?

Black & Decker’s annual revenue for 2022 was $16.947 billion.

Well, the annual revenue of Black and Decker is no small feat, with the company generating a staggering amount of income each year.

How Many Employees Does Black and Decker Have?

According to their most recent reports, the company currently employs over 23,000 people worldwide.

That vast network is spread across multiple countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America.

With such a huge workforce behind them, it’s no wonder that Black and Decker continues to be the go-to source for reliable tools that help us get our jobs done faster.


Where did the Black and Decker Brand Come From?

Black and Decker was founded in 1910 by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker in Baltimore. It has a portfolio of products ranging from drills to lawn care equipment.

What is Black and Decker Called Now?

Black and Decker is now known as Stanley Black & Decker after it was acquired by Stanley Works in 2010.

Where are Black and Decker Tools Made?

Black and Dekker’s tools are made in various factories located all over the world, including the United States, China, Mexico, and India.

What is Black and Decker Symbol?

The Black and Decker symbol the company’s initials, BD with a red triangle that symbolizes the expertise and power behind each product.

Is Black and Decker a Quality Product?

Yes, Black and Decker is a quality product. You can trust that the Black and Decker tools you purchase will be up to the task.

How Many Locations Does Black and Decker Have?

Black and Decker currently has more than 150 locations in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Where is Black and Decker’s Headquarters?

Black and Dekker’s headquarters is located in Towson, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore.

What is the Price of Black Decker Hand Tools?

The price of Black and Decker hand tools will vary anywhere from $10 to several hundred for a quality set of Black and Decker tools.

Is Black and Decker a Craftsman?

No, Black and Decker is not a Craftsman. However, the company did acquire Craftsman in 2017 as part of its wide portfolio of products.

How to use Black and Decker Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor?

To use a Black and Decker Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor, simply assemble the juicer according to the instructions.

Is Black Decker Public?

Yes, Black and Decker is a public company. It is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SWK”.

Is Black and Decker a Good Brand for Toasters?

Yes, Black and Decker is a reliable brand for toasters.

What is Stanley Black and Decker Company Code?

The company code for Stanley Black and Decker is “SWK”. This code is used to identify the company on stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange.

Is Black and Decker and Porter Cable the Same?

No, Black and Decker and Porter Cable are not the same. While they are both owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

What Brands are owned by Black and Decker?

DEWALT, Craftsman, Irwin Tools, and Porter-Cable.

What is the New Product of Stanley Black and Decker?

Stanley Black & Decker recently launched its new Craftsman V20 Brushless Hammer Drill.

Does Black and Decker Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, Black and Decker offers a lifetime warranty on select products.