what companies does apollo global management own

What Companies Does Apollo Global Management Own?

Interested to know what companies does Apollo Global Management own?

Well, it owns a lot of popular companies including Fidelis Group Holdings, SolarMax Technology, Trillium Health, and ClearSky Technologies.

Apollo Global Management has an array of companies that operate across various sectors including marketing, healthcare, finance, and technology, to mention a few.

With this diverse mix of companies, Apollo Global Management has shown that it has a keen eye for identifying promising businesses and investing in their growth.

This article explores what companies does Apollo Global Management own along with key information about the company like who owns it, annual revenue, number of employees it has, and more.

Who Owns Apollo Global Management?

Are you curious about who owns Apollo Global Management, and what kind of companies they own?

Global business can be complex, with many powerful players vying for market share. It is important to understand the origin and ownership arrangement of modern businesses to stay agile in a rapidly changing world.

At Apollo Global Management, they strive to create value across their portfolio companies by focusing on long-term sustainability and operational improvement.

In this blog post, we will explore who owns the company as well as provide background information on some of its biggest investments.

Read ahead to learn more about Apollo Global Management’s current venture capital landscape!

What Companies Does Apollo Global Management Own?

Apollo Global Management’s portfolio companies include:

1. Fidelis Group Holdings

Fidelis Holdings owns several manufacturing and distribution plants throughout the USA.

2. Trillium Health

It is a community health center where medical professionals meet their patients. Other health companies owned by Apollo Global Management include Pinnacle Pointe Health Solutions and Premier Care Network of Florida, Inc.

3. ClearSky Technologies

ClearSky is a carriers tool company that offers services across planning, deploying, and managing wireless communications.

4. Inflection 360

It is a consulting firm in the healthcare sector that offers strategic consultation services to businesses in the health sector.

5. Bank United Corporation

BankUnited is owned by Apollo Global Management.

6. Other Companies

Here are some other companies and brands owned by Apollo Global Management:

  • Brightside Financial Service Solutions LLC
  • Solarmax Technology
  • Datapoint Solutions Group LLC
  • Business Intelligence Solutions.

When Was Apollo Global Management Founded?

Apollo Global Management is an American firm that was founded in 1990 by Leon Black, Josh Harris, and Marc Rowan.

Apollo Global Management is now an international company that has grown significantly over the years. Despite the challenges of the past year, Apollo Global Management continues to evolve and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Who is The CEO of Apollo Global Management?

Apollo Global Management is a popular fast-food chain and its CEO is Denny Marie Post.

With years of experience in the restaurant industry and a passion for the brand, Post has been leading Apollo Global Management to new heights.

Her innovative thinking and leadership skills have been instrumental in the company’s success and growth. It’s no wonder why she’s so highly respected in the business world.

What is The Net Worth of Apollo Global Management?

Apollo Global Management has recorded a net worth of $46.45 billion as of July 20, 2023, according to stock analysts.

The company is not publicly traded, therefore its net worth is not disclosed to the public. However, it is safe to say that the chain’s popularity and expansion suggest a healthy financial standing.

Where is The Headquarters of Apollo Global Management?

Apollo Global Management is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

With over 140 locations across the United States and beyond, Pollo Tropical has become known for its fresh, flavorful dishes inspired by the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean.

With its sunny Miami headquarters as its base of operations, it’s clear that Apollo Global Management knows a thing or two about bringing a taste of the tropics to the world.

What is The Annual Revenue of Apollo Global Management?

Apollo Global Management’s annual revenue for the year 2022 was $3.551B.

According to reliable sources, the company manages to earn an impressive annual revenue that proves its massive hold on the market.

Without a doubt, Apollo Global Management’s revenue speaks volumes about its quality and innovation in the food industry.

How Many Employees Does Apollo Global Management Have?

In total, it is estimated that the company employs over 10,000 people worldwide.

Apollo Global Management has over 140 locations worldwide. The company employs an extensive team of professionals from chefs to servers.

This employee count speaks volumes about the success of this popular food chain, which has been able to grow despite challenging economic conditions in recent years.


What Is Apollo Global Management Known For?

Apollo Global Management is known for its investments across various sectors, including marketing, healthcare, finance, and technology.

What Companies Does Apollo Global Management Own?

Apollo Global Management owns several portfolio companies, such as Fidelis Group Holdings, SolarMax Technology, Trillium Health, ClearSky Technologies, Inflection 360, and more.