What Companies Does Nike Own?

As one of the world’s leading athletic brands, Nike consistently strives to set the bar higher.

But it’s not just about selling shoes and apparel – with a portfolio that includes partnerships across multiple industries, Nike has become an undeniable force in business.

A big part of their success comes from knowing which companies they should partner with and invest in; so today we’re going to examine what companies does Nike own?

We’ll cover everything from where it started to how it has grown its portfolio over time, as well as some insight into why each partnership is incredibly beneficial for Nike.

So without further ado, let’s dive deep into this fascinating brand and explore all the different companies Nike owns!

Who Owns Nike?

The co-founder and current chairman, Phil Knight, is actually the largest shareholder of Nike, with a stake of over 16%.

Knight, who started the company in 1964 with a simple idea and only $50, has seen it grow into the multi-billion dollar empire it is today.

While Nike may have many shareholders, including institutional investors and mutual funds, Knight remains heavily invested in the company he helped create and build to such astonishing heights.

What Companies Does Nike Own?

Nike, one of the most recognizable brands in the world, owns several companies that help diversify its offerings in the sports industry.

By owning these companies, Nike ensures that it provides products that cater to different audiences in the sports world.

This way, it can continue to dominate the industry while appealing to a wider range of customers. All the renowned companies owned by Nike are listed below.

1. Footwear and Apparel

Nike is a powerhouse in the athletic world, with its iconic swoosh logo recognizable around the globe.

From high-tech running shoes to fashionable apparel, Nike has become synonymous with quality and performance.

The company owns several subsidiaries that help diversify its offerings such as Converse and Hurley.

While Converse specializes in classic basketball shoes and apparel, Hurley provides stylish beachwear for surfers.

Together, these companies work together to bring Nike’s unique vision to life.

2. Technology Partnerships

Nike isn’t just about selling shoes – they’re also about innovation and staying ahead of the competition.

That’s why they have made significant investments in technology over the years, partnering with companies such as Apple and IBM.

Together, these partnerships have allowed Nike to develop groundbreaking products like the Nike+ running tracker and FuelBand fitness tracker.

By investing in these technological advances, Nike ensures that they are at the forefront of their industry, giving them an edge over their competitors.

3. Retail Stores

In addition to selling its products through online stores and third-party retailers, Nike also owns several brick-and-mortar retail locations.

These stores provide customers with a unique shopping experience, allowing them to browse and try out different products from the comfort of their own homes.

The company even has two flagship stores – one in New York City and another in Shanghai – both of which offer exclusive items not available anywhere else.

By investing in retail stores, Nike ensures that customers have access to their products and services no matter where they are located.

4. Investments

Nike is a worldwide powerhouse, but they also understand the importance of being forward-thinking.

That’s why the company has made several investments in recent years, looking to unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

For instance, Nike has invested heavily in data analytics software provider C3 AI and self-driving car startup Zoox as part of its strategy to embrace cutting-edge technology.

By taking calculated risks with strategic investments, Nike ensures that it stays at the top of its game – now and into the future!

When Was Nike Founded?

Nike was founded on January 25, 1964, by University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman.

The brand went through several name changes before settling on Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory.

With over fifty years of history, Nike continues to be a leading force in the sports and fashion world, and it all started with a chance encounter between a runner and his coach.

Who is the CEO of Nike?

The CEO of Nike is John Donahoe.

Donahoe took over as CEO in January 2020, bringing with him years of experience in the tech industry and a fresh perspective to one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Since his appointment, Nike has continued to dominate the market, with Donahoe at the forefront of innovation and growth.

It’s clear that this CEO knows how to lead his team to success, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll accomplish next.

What is the Net Worth of Nike?

Nike’s net worth is well over $167 billion as of August 2023.

This impressive figure is a testament to their success in establishing their brand as a leader in the global market and their continued dedication to innovation and growth.

With numerous celebrity endorsements and sponsored athletes, Nike continues to dominate the competition and remains a top choice for athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re an avid runner or simply a fan of stylish, high-quality sportswear, there’s no denying the impact Nike has made on the fashion and athletic industry.

Where is the Headquarters of Nike?

Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland.

The sprawling campus-style facility boasts impressive architecture and cutting-edge technology, just like the brand itself.

From the signature swoosh logo to the world-famous “Just Do It” slogan, Nike has become a symbol of excellence and achievement in the athletic world.

And at the forefront of it all is its global headquarters in Beaverton, overlooking the beautiful Tualatin Valley.

What is the Annual Revenue of Nike?

Nike’s annual revenue in May 2023 for the last 12 months was $51.22 billion.

This impressive figure shows that Nike continues to dominate the market with their innovative designs and premium products.

No matter what industry trends come and go, they stay ahead of the competition every step of the way.

With a record-breaking annual revenue like this, it’s no wonder why Nike remains at the top of its game year after year!

How Many Employees Does Nike Have?

As of 2023, it is estimated that around 84,000 people work for Nike worldwide.

This impressive number includes employees based in their offices across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America.

From product development to marketing and sales teams at retail stores – Nike is a true global success story with an incredible team working hard behind the scenes to make it all happen!


What Was Nike’s Original Name?

Nike was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight under the name Blue Ribbon Sports.

How Much Does a CEO at Nike Make?

The current CEO of Nike, John Donahoe, makes an annual salary of $15 million as well as stock options.

What is Nike’s First Logo?

Nike’s first logo was the “Swoosh” created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971.

Where Are Nike Shoes Made?

Nike shoes are made in factories around the world, including Vietnam, China, India, and Bangladesh.

What is Nike’s Goal or Mission?

Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

What is Nike’s Biggest Opportunity?

Nike’s biggest opportunity is to continue to innovate and develop cutting-edge products that are stylish, performance-driven, and cost-effective.

What is the Future Growth of Nike?

Nike’s future growth is expected to be strong due to the company’s focus on innovation, its partnerships with technology companies, and its expansive global presence.