What Companies Does Bill Gates Own?

Some of the major companies that Bill Gates owns or has owned in the past include Microsoft, TerraPower, Cascade Investments, and Corbis. Microsoft, of course, is the software giant that Gates co-founded with Paul Allen.

It revolutionized the personal computer industry and continues to be a dominating force in the tech world.

One of Bill Gates’ most notable investments is in Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company led by Warren Buffett. Gates owns one percent of the entire company’s shares and acts as a passive investor.

In addition to his investment in Berkshire Hathaway, Bill Gates has stakes in several other companies like Canadian National Railway, AutoNation, Republic Services, and Waste Management.

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Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is a well-known visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, having achieved an immense amount of success since founding Microsoft in 1975.

Bill Gates is no stranger to the business world. He has had his hands in multiple pies when it comes to owning companies.

Being one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Bill Gates’ holdings span across multiple industries. From software to automotive companies, read on to discover all the different subsidiaries and investments owned by the Microsoft co-founder.

What Companies Does Bill Gates Own?

Find below the list of companies Bill Gates owns or had owned:

1. Software Companies

Microsoft, the software giant co-founded by Bill Gates in 1975, is arguably one of his most successful companies. Microsoft develops and markets computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services.

2. Automotive Companies

AutoNation is another company owned by Bill Gates that specializes in automotive retailing and related services. The company operates over 300 vehicle dealerships across the United States with more than 15 different brands to choose from.

3. Investment Companies

Cascade Investment is a private investment firm controlled by Gates and established in 1995 to manage his fortune and investments beyond Microsoft stock. It has stakes in various industries including energy, hospitality, entertainment, and real estate among others.

4. Technology Companies

TerraPower, on the other hand, focuses on researching and developing advanced nuclear energy technologies. TerraPower is a nuclear energy technology company owned by Gates. It has been researching and developing advanced nuclear reactor designs that have the potential to revolutionize the existing energy industry.

5. Digital Imaging Company

Corbis Corporation was acquired by Bill Gates in 1995 when it was known as Interactive Home Systems, Inc. The company handles digital imaging services for its clients including licensing, cataloging, reproduction rights management, and more. Gates sold it in 2016. Clearly, Bill Gates’ portfolio of companies is diverse and impressive.

When Did Bill Gates Found His Business?

Bill Gates, one of the most successful businessmen in modern history, founded his business in 1975.

From humble beginnings, the tech giant, along with his co-founder Paul Allen, created a computing empire that would become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

With a fierce determination to succeed and an unwavering belief in technology’s power to create change, Gates turned Microsoft into a global powerhouse that would define the modern era of computing.

His legacy continues to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide, proving that with the right idea and a lot of hard work, anything is possible.

Who is the CEO of Bill Gates Businesses?

Bill Gates is the CEO of his own businesses. However, he is not the CEO of Microsoft and left it in 2000. The current CEO of Microsoft is Satya Nadella, who has been leading the company since 2014.

Under his leadership, Microsoft has seen tremendous growth and expansion into new markets, making him one of the most influential CEOs in the tech industry.

But that’s not all. Gates has also established many other businesses, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses on philanthropic efforts worldwide.

What is the Net Worth of Bill Gates?

As of February 2023, Bill Gates’s net worth is well over $118.1 billion.

The sheer size of this number is difficult to comprehend, but it serves as a testament to the incredible impact Gates has had on numerous industries over the course of his career.

Where is the Headquarters of Bill Gates’s Businesses?

Bill Gates headquarters’ primary location is in Redmond, Washington, where Microsoft, his most well-known company, is based.

This campus is massive and encompasses over 8 million square feet of office space, including labs, research centers, and a visitor center.

Apart from that, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic organization he runs with his wife, also has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

These organizations are the backbone of his businesses, and their headquarters reflect their astounding global impact.

How Many Employees Does Bill Gates Have?

Bill Gates has over 130,000 employees working for him across multiple companies and organizations such as Microsoft, TerraPower, Cascade Investments, Corbis Corporation, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Clearly, he has done an admirable job ensuring these organizations are well-staffed with highly competent professionals from all walks of life.

His innovations have helped shape today’s digital landscape and with it created countless jobs that have enabled many people to pursue their dreams.


How Bill Gates Changed the World?

Bill Gates through his innovation helped in providing quick information access to millions of people around the globe.

How Much of Microsoft Does Bill Gates Own?

As of April 2023, Bill Gates owns 1% of Microsoft’s outstanding shares.

How Much Money Has Bill Gates Donated?

Gates had donated over $50 billion.

What is the IQ of Bill Gates?

Bill Gates is renowned for his incredible intelligence and has been estimated for an IQ of 160.

Why Bill Gates is a Successful Leader?

Bill Gates’s success as an entrepreneur can be traced back to his belief in technology’s power to create change through innovation.

How Did Bill Gates Inspire Others?

Bill Gates has inspired countless individuals with his incredible success in business and philanthropy.

What Skills Did Bill Gates Use to Become Successful?

Bill Gates’ success can be attributed to skills including problem-solving, risk-taking, leadership, communication, and determination.

Who Inspired Bill Gates?

Bill Gates credited his parents, Paul Allen, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi for inspiration.

What Was Bill Gates’s Famous Invention?

Bill Gates’ most famous invention was Microsoft, Altair BASIC, and Corbis Corporation.