What Companies Does Chevy Own?

Are you curious about the companies owned by Chevrolet?

From motor cars and trucks to car parts, it seems like there’s a little bit of everything under Chevy’s umbrella.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various GM brands that General Motors (GM) owns under its flagship brand — Chevrolet.

We will discuss everything from classic models such as the Impala and Corvette to commercial vehicles like Silverado pickup trucks.

Join us on our journey as we discover the many components of GM’s numerous brands, providing insights into why they all fit together so well in creating an automotive powerhouse!

Who Owns Chevy?

Chevrolet’s owner is General Motors, or GM for short.

GM is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, boasting a wide range of brands, including Chevrolet.

Founded in 1908, Chevrolet has become a household name and is known for producing high-quality vehicles that are both reliable and stylish.

With over 100 years of experience in the auto industry, it’s no wonder why so many people trust Chevy to be their go-to car brand.

Even though Chevy is owned by GM, it continues to operate as its own entity, with unique designs and models that are beloved by its loyal fan base.

What Companies Does Chevy Own?

Chevy, also known as Chevrolet, is a well-known automobile brand.

However, many people may not realize that Chevy is actually a division of General Motors (GM), which is a massive automotive company that owns several other well-known brands.

Some of the other brands that GM owns include Cadillac, Buick, and GMC. Between all of these brands, GM accounts for a significant portion of the North American automotive market.

In addition to these brands, GM also has partnerships with other companies around the world.

However, despite all of these relationships and partnerships, Chevy remains one of the most popular and recognizable car brands in the world.

A list of companies owned by Chevy is available below:

1. Cadillac

Cadillac is a luxury car manufacturer owned by General Motors, and it has been a part of the GM lineup for over 100 years.

It is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world.

2. Buick

Buick is another brand owned by General Motors that specializes in comfortable and luxurious vehicles.

It was founded in 1899 and has been a part of the GM family since 1930.

3. GMC

GMC is a truck-focused division of General Motors that specializes in producing reliable and powerful pickups, SUVs, and vans for business and personal uses.

It was founded in 1912 and has been an integral part of the GM lineup ever since.

4. Opel

Opel is a German automobile brand that is owned by GM and produces vehicles for the European market.

The company was founded in 1862, making it one of the oldest automakers in Europe.

5. Holden

Holden is an Australian car company that is also owned by General Motors and specializes in producing vehicles for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The company was founded in 1856 and has been a part of the GM family since 1931.

6. Vauxhall

Vauxhall is another European car brand owned by General Motors that produces vehicles for the British market.

It has been an important part of the GM lineup since 1925.

7. Chevrolet

Of course, Chevy is the most famous of all the GM brands and has been around since 1911.

It produces an extensive range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, for markets all over the world.

When Was Chevy Founded?

The brand was officially founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant, but its roots can be traced back even further.

Chevrolet is an iconic American automobile brand that has been producing top-quality cars for over a century.

Louis Chevrolet was a Swiss racecar driver who caught the eye of Durant, the founder of General Motors.

Durant recognized Chevrolet’s expertise and offered him a position as a designer. After several meetings, Chevrolet agreed to join Durant’s team and the rest is history.

The brand has gone through many changes over the years, but its commitment to quality, innovation, and performance has remained the same.

Today, Chevrolet is a beloved brand that is recognized across the globe for its exceptional vehicles.

Who is the CEO of Chevy?

The current CEO of Chevy is Mary Barra, who has held the position since 2014.

Barra is a highly respected executive who has been instrumental in leading General Motors and Chevrolet to record profits for the past several years.

She is an experienced leader with excellent vision and strategic planning capabilities.

Under her leadership, GM has seen significant growth and continues to be one of the most successful automakers in the world.

Barra has also been a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion within GM and the automotive industry as a whole.

What is Chevy Net Worth?

Chevrolet’s estimated net worth is around $45.31 billion as of 2023.

This figure includes both Chevrolet’s global sales figures as well as the value of its corporate assets.

The brand has been able to maintain steady growth over the years, thanks in large part to its commitment to quality and innovation.

Chevrolet is also known for its commitment to customer service and satisfaction, which has helped the brand maintain its strong reputation.

Where is the Headquarters of Chevy?

Chevrolet is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

The company also has multiple manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the United States, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

In addition to its corporate headquarters, Chevrolet also has regional offices located in many major cities across the world.

What is the Annual Revenue of Chevy?

Chevrolet is one of the most profitable automotive brands in the world with an estimated annual revenue of over $156.7 billion in 2022.

The brand has been able to maintain steady growth and profitability due to its focus on quality products and customer satisfaction.

Chevrolet is also known for its innovative technology, which helps drive sales even further.

In addition to its strong sales figures, Chevrolet also produces some of the most advanced and reliable vehicles in the industry.

How Many Employees Does Chevy Have?

Chevy has more than 180,000 employees around the world as of 2023.

The majority of these employees are based in the United States, where Chevy is headquartered.

However, the brand also has a substantial presence in other countries such as Mexico and South America.

This global workforce allows Chevy to continue providing customers with quality cars that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

In addition, Chevy’s team of dedicated employees is constantly striving to make the company better and more successful.

With its vast network of talented professionals, it is no wonder why Chevy remains a leader in the automotive industry.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there’s no denying that Chevy has made a lasting impression in the automotive industry and beyond.

This iconic brand currently employs over 180K people worldwide and takes pride in its vast array of companies, including OnStar, and Cadillac among others.

Although Chevy had a rocky start between financial hardships and mishaps that happened over the decades.

It has been well documented how the brand has continued to strive for excellence when times got tough and today remains as successful as ever.

We should always be proud to be a part of this great legacy which undeniably will continue to grow throughout the years ahead.


What is the Primary Product of Chevy?

Chevy’s main product is cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

What are the Main Brands Offered by Chevrolet?

The main brands offered by Chevrolet include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac.

What is Chevy’s Mission Statement?

Chevy’s mission statement is “to provide our customers with outstanding vehicles, services, and experiences that deliver more value than they expect”.

What are the Main Markets That Chevy Targets?

Chevy primarily targets consumers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China. It also has a presence in Australia, India, and South Africa.

Does Chevy Have Any Exclusive Partnerships or Sponsorships?

Yes, Chevy has exclusive partnerships with The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball.