What Companies Are Owned By 3M?

Are you curious to know what companies are owned by 3M?

Well, 3M is a diverse and dynamic company that produces products for people around the globe.

Its success has been built upon its strong values and commitment to developing innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

The origins may surprise you, as it started as an unlikely partnership between five entrepreneurs from Minnesota back in 1902.

Since then their journey has taken them all over the world leaving a lasting legacy with its products – from healthcare equipment to home-use items, like those ubiquitous Post-It notes or Scotch brand tapes we use every day.

Who Owns 3M?

3M is a publicly traded company, this means that ownership is spread among shareholders who own parts of the company in the form of stocks.

The largest shareholders of 3M include institutional investors such as Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and State Street Corporation.

While no one person or entity can claim complete ownership of 3M, it is the collective investment of these shareholders that drives the company and contributes to its continuing success.

3M is a multinational conglomerate that is known for producing an array of innovative products that cater to various industries.

From healthcare to transportation, the brand has a broad range of offerings.

What Companies are Owned by 3M?

As a multinational corporation, 3M has a diverse portfolio of businesses that span across various industries.

Among its many subsidiaries, some of the most notable companies owned by 3M include:

1. Scotch

Scotch is well-known for its wide range of adhesive tapes that are both durable and versatile. The company continues to be a mainstay for individuals, businesses, and creative projects alike.

2. Ace Hardware

3M owns the hardware store chain Ace Hardware, which is one of the largest in the world with over 5,000 locations worldwide.

Customers can purchase a wide range of tools and supplies from Ace Hardware stores around the globe.

3. Post-it

Post-it is famous for its sticky notes that have revolutionized the way people take notes and leave reminders.

Post-it is famous for its sticky notes that have revolutionized the way people take notes and leave reminders.

4. Filtrete

3M also owns Filtrete, a brand of air filters that are designed to capture up to 99.7% of particles from the air.

The company produces a variety of indoor and outdoor filters that are used for residential and commercial purposes.

5. Ceradyne

3M also owns Ceradyne, which specializes in armor systems that are used by military, law enforcement, and other organizations.

The company produces a variety of protective suits, helmets, and body armor to help protect personnel from ballistic threats.

6. Oral-B

3M owns Oral-B, a brand of dental products that includes toothbrushes, whitening strips, gum care tools, and more.

The company is one of the leading producers of oral hygiene products worldwide.

7. Nexcare

Nexcare is a trusted name when it comes to wound care solutions and other medical supplies. 3M owns the brand, producing a wide range of products such as bandages, dressings, and more.

By owning these well-established brands, 3M has proven to be a leader in innovation and has continued to provide top-quality products that offer practical solutions for everyday problems.

When Was 3M Founded?

3M was founded in 1902 in Two Harbors, Minnesota, by a group of five businessmen who sought to create a company that would bring new products and technologies to the market.

Despite humble beginnings and setbacks along the way, 3M grew to be one of the most successful and recognized companies in the world, thanks to its commitment to research and development and its dedication to improving lives through its products and services.

Today, 3M continues to thrive and push the boundaries of what is possible, cementing its place as an industry leader and a true American success story.

Who is the CEO of 3M?

Michael F. Roman, the current CEO of 3M.

Roman has been with the company for over 30 years and has held various roles throughout his tenure.

Under his leadership, 3M has continued to prioritize innovation and sustainable business practices.

As a result, the company has been recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute.

Roman’s dedication to both success and social responsibility makes him a respected leader in the business world.

What is 3M’s Net Worth?

As of May 2024, 3M’s net worth is $53.7 billion making it one of the largest and most successful public companies in the world.

3M is a multinational conglomerate that has been at the forefront of innovation and technology for over a century.

With a vast portfolio of products ranging from adhesives to abrasives, 3M’s impact can be felt in various industries across the globe.

Its commitment to research and development, coupled with a strong workforce and strategic acquisitions, has undoubtedly played a significant role in its success.

Where is the Headquarters of 3M?

Its headquarters are located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The headquarters are situated on a sprawling campus that has been the home of the company for more than a century.

The campus is not only home to 3M’s executive leadership team, but it also houses research laboratories and development facilities.

It’s no wonder that 3M, which derives its name from Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, has chosen this location as the center of its operations.

The company has a rich history of innovation and cutting-edge technology, and its campus in St. Paul is a testament to its commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of science.

What is the Annual Revenue of 3M?

The annual revenue of 3M in 2023 was $32.68 billion which was 4.52% less than the previous year.

This figure is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing high-quality products and services that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customers.

With a strong reputation and a commitment to innovation, it’s no wonder that 3M continues to be a powerhouse in their industry.

When it comes to the financial success of a company, its annual revenue is a key factor to consider.

3M, a global leader in innovation and technology, has consistently proven its financial stability year after year.

How Many Employees Does 3M Have?

As of May 2024, 3M has over 92,000 employees globally.

This statistic is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating products that make a difference in people’s everyday lives and leaves us marveling at the sheer scale of its operations.

With employees located in over 70 countries, 3M has a global presence that is unparalleled in its industry.

Whether it’s creating products for the healthcare sector or developing new materials for consumer electronics, 3M’s employees are at the core of their success.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, 3M has grown large over the years and now stands as one of the largest multinational corporations in the world.

Its products are used around the globe, making it a household name in many countries, with an estimated net worth of over $53 billion and annual revenue of about $32 billion.

From humble beginnings as a small company founded in 1902 to its current status as one of the largest companies in the world with 92,000 employees, 3M is truly a testament to hard work and innovation.

Despite its size and multinational presence, 3M also recognizes that its success depends on its employees. As such it continues to invest heavily into its workforce by providing them with competitive benefits packages and advanced workplace initiatives to ensure their continued success well into the future.


Is 3M a Global Company?

Yes, 3M is a global company with operations in over 70 countries.

What is the Main Business of 3M?

3M main business includes healthcare, industrial, consumer goods, and safety and graphics.

Is 3M a Profitable Company?

Yes, 3M is a profitable company with a net worth of $53.7 billion in 2024.