What Brands Are Owned by Electrolux

What Brands Are Owned by Electrolux?

Are you curious to know which brands are owned by the global home appliance leader, Electrolux? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

With more than 60 million products sold every year across 150 markets and counting, Electrolux is one of the world’s leading home appliance companies. Founded in 1919 by Swedish entrepreneur Axel Wenner-Gren as a vacuum cleaner brand, today it owns dozens of household names like Frigidaire, AEG, Zanussi, and Westinghouse that make everything from dishwashers to robotic vacuums.

In this blog post we’ll take a look at all of Electrolux’s brands within its portfolio — and what sets them apart from both each other and the market in general.

Who Owns Electrolux?

Electrolux is a publicly-traded company, which means that it is owned by a large number of shareholders from all over the world. The largest shareholder of Electrolux is Investment AB Latour, a Swedish investment company that holds approximately a quarter of the company’s shares.

Other major shareholders include the Swedish pension fund AP4, the US-based investment management company BlackRock, and the Norwegian government pension fund.

Despite having different owners, Electrolux has remained true to its commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that it continues to produce high-quality and energy-efficient appliances that make our lives easier.

What Brands Are Owned by Electrolux?

With roughly 100 brands under its umbrella, Electrolux has acquired and partnered with a wide variety of companies over the years. From Frigidaire to Eureka, Zanussi to AEG, the list of brands that fall under Electrolux’s ownership is an impressive one.

Regardless of which brand you prefer, there is a very good chance that it is connected to Electrolux in some way.

Here is a list of brands Electrolux owns: 

1. Frigidaire

Frigidaire is a brand of home and professional appliances that has been in the industry since the early 1900s. Founded in 1916, Frigidaire specializes in refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, and other home appliances. The company was first acquired by Electrolux in 1986.

2. Eureka

Eureka is a brand of vacuum cleaners and other floor care products that has been in business since 1909. Founded by Fred Wardell, the company was acquired by Electrolux in 1989. Eureka is known for its innovative designs and wide range of products that make cleaning easier.

3. Zanussi

Zanussi is an Italian appliance company that has been in business since 1916. The company was acquired by Electrolux in 1984 and now specializes in high-quality kitchen appliances like ovens, hobs, hoods, and dishwashers. 

4. AEG

AEG is a German brand of appliances, tools, and electronics that has been around since 1883. The company was acquired by Electrolux in 1994 and now specializes in a wide range of products from washing machines to power tools.

5. Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is the professional division of Electrolux that provides advanced appliances to businesses and restaurants around the world. From commercial laundry equipment to kitchen solutions, Electrolux Professional has the right products for all of your needs. 

6. Anova Culinary

Anova Culinary is a brand of sous vide devices and accessories that was founded in 2013. The company was acquired by Electrolux in 2018 and now offers a wide range of products for home cooks looking to explore the world of sous vide cooking. 

7. Molteni

Molteni is an Italian kitchen furniture brand that has been in business since 1947. The company was acquired by Electrolux in 2003 and now specializes in high-end kitchen appliances, furniture, and other luxury products for the home.

8. Electrolux Professional Food Service and Laundry Solutions

Electrolux Professional Foodservice and Laundry Solutions provide restaurants, hotels, and other businesses with a full range of commercial kitchen and laundry solutions. It is the leading provider of energy-efficient equipment for food service and laundry operations around the world. 

9. Westinghouse Brand Appliances (North America)

The Westinghouse Brand Appliances is a brand of Electrolux sold in North America. The brand specializes in providing affordable, quality home appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. They are designed to offer reliable performance that you can trust. 

When Was Electrolux Founded?

Electrolux was founded in Sweden by a young entrepreneur, Axel Wenner-Gren, who had a vision of creating innovative products that would make people’s lives easier. With a passion for engineering and design, Wenner-Gren led Electrolux to become one of the world’s leading appliance companies.

Over the years, the company has continued to thrive, producing high-quality, energy-efficient products that meet the needs of consumers around the globe. Despite being almost a century old, Electrolux remains a dynamic and forward-thinking company that is dedicated to creating appliances that make everyday life better.

Who is the CEO of Electrolux?

Jonas Samuelson took over as CEO in 2016 bringing with him years of experience in the company and a strong vision for its future. Electrolux has continued to innovate and expand its product line with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency under his leadership.

Samuelson stated that he envisions Electrolux as a company that not only provides high-quality appliances to consumers but also makes a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole. With Samuelson at the helm, Electrolux is poised for a bright and sustainable future.

What is Electrolux’s Net Worth?

It’s no surprise that Electrolux boasts an impressive net worth of over $5 billion. From washing machines to refrigerators and air conditioners, Electrolux has been producing innovative appliances for over a century.

With its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, Electrolux continues to lead the way in creating products that meet the needs of consumers while being mindful of the environment. As the demand for high-quality appliances increases, Electrolux is sure to maintain its position as a major player in the industry for years to come.

Where is the Headquarters of Electrolux?

Electrolux has its global headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden. Electrolux has expanded its operations to over 150 countries and continues to be a leader in the industry. While the company’s products can be found in millions of households worldwide, its headquarters remains firmly rooted in the beautiful city of Stockholm.

What is the Annual Revenue of Electrolux?

According to recent reports, the company generated revenue of over 116 billion SEK in 2020. This is a testament to the brand’s continued growth and success, and it highlights the company’s position as a major player in the global market.

With the company continuing to invest in innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices, it’s sure to remain a leader in the industry for years to come.

How Many Employees Does Electrolux Have?

It currently boasts over 50,000 employees across the world. It’s impressive to see how a company of this scale can successfully manage such a vast workforce to deliver high-quality products to its customers.

Electrolux is a prime example of how businesses can remain competitive and successful in the 21st century, thanks to its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.


What are the most popular Electrolux brands?

Electrolux is the parent company of several well-known home appliance brands including Frigidaire, Eureka, AEG, Zanussi, and others.

What products does Electrolux make?

Electrolux manufactures a wide variety of household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and ovens, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and more.

How many employees does Electrolux have?

Electrolux currently employs around 50,000 people across the world. This includes workers in manufacturing plants as well as research and development teams. 

Where can I buy Electrolux products?

You can purchase Electrolux products through a variety of retailers, both online and in-store. Major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, and Target are all known to carry some or all of the brand’s products. You can also purchase directly from the manufacturer at Electrolux’s official website

Does Electrolux offer any warranties?

Yes, Electrolux offers a variety of different warranty options depending on the product. You can find out more about your particular product’s warranty by visiting their website or calling customer service. Most products come with minimum one-year limited parts and labor warranty. Some products also have extended warranties available for purchase. 

Does Electrolux offer any financing options?

Yes, Electrolux offers several different financing and payment plans to make it easier for customers to purchase their products. Customers can choose from short- or long-term financing options, as well as additional incentive programs like cash back and rewards points. For more information, you can visit the company’s website or speak to a customer service representative. 

Is Electrolux an environmentally friendly company?

Yes, Electrolux is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company has implemented several different initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and creating more energy-efficient products. They also have a recycling program for their appliances that are no longer in use.

Final Words

Electrolux is a global giant in the household appliance industry, with a total annual revenue of 46.5 billion Swedish Krona and nearly 60,000 employees worldwide. Founded over 100 years ago, the company is currently headed by CEO Jonas Samuelson and is headquartered in Stockholm Sweden.

The company owns several iconic brands such as Frigidaire, AEG, Westinghouse, and Zanussi—ensuring its place at the top of market share rankings in multiple countries around the world. With a net worth of $23 billion, Electrolux is an impressive player in the competitive household appliance industry, and its continued success will depend on producing quality appliances that can meet consumers’ needs across our changing global landscape.